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All Things Spring! April 7, 2010

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I had quite the struggle this week with my budget. I’m wanting all things spring: fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, steaks on the grill, salad!, and so many other FRESH things! But my budget is $50 a week. And I have promised myself that I will stick to my budget. Obviously none of these things are super cheap right now because they are not in season yet. So I’m holding myself back!

Good news is, we are planting a garden! The husband-to-be took a whole day off work to till an area in the backyard, to which now he says is nowhere near large enough for all of the things he wants to plant! So it looks as though he’ll be using up another day to get everything situated and ready to plant! We have our seeds: cucumbers, carrots, jalapenos, pumpkins, cantaloupes, peppers, corn, spinach, watermelons, broccoli, squash, and zucchini. And we still have to get tomato plants. I can’t wait to taste all of these wonderful vegetables (and to not have to buy them at the store)! I’ve become extremely frugal. Plus knowing that my extra money goes into my savings is a pretty good teaser to not spend it all! I’m thinking of what all I can spend it on at the end of the year (like a nice new wardrobe!).


Budget! April 4, 2010

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So I began using the cash system last month. I have budgeted $200 for all of my groceries each month. And in my groceries I include cleaning supplies, bathroom products, paper products, etc. Basically everything I need from the store for the month is included in this $200. I also include the sales tax in my budget, because if I didn’t sales tax would be an extra expense that I would have to pay on top of my budget. Each new week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

For the month of March, I barely spent anything. I only kept up with the last week on my blog, which I spent $57.09 (including taxes and coupons). I got $139.18 worth of products (before taxes, sales, and coupons). I know a bought a few other things during the month, like laundry detergent and paper towels at Harris Teeter and everything else in the picture below. But I can’t find the receipts. I’ll just say I spent $85 at the most for the whole month. That means I had $115 left over to put into savings!

Today starts the first week for April. Hopefully I can stay under budget this month too!


The Cash Method and Some Super Cute Envelopes! January 13, 2010

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I have been thinking lately of switching to the cash method for my couponing. As of right now I am a debit card fanatic. I carry no cash. And by no cash, I mean no cash, no coins, nothing, nada, zip. Well.. you get the point. This makes it really easy to try and get every deal that is out there. If you use the cash method, you have a limit to what you can spend and something you need quickly becomes more important than just one of the deals!

The cash method is simple. You simply need to determine how much you are going to budget for groceries each week or month (this depends on how often you are going to reevaluate your budget.. monthly is probably best). Always take into consideration how often you get paid and how often you will be going shopping.

You will need an envelope for each week. $5 Dollar Dinners made some really cute envelopes out of scrapbooking paper! You can check out her post about the cash method here!

This is a good way to add some fun into it. No one wants to look at a plain white envelope when they’re thinking about saving money! Kelleigh Ratzlaff has some awesome envelope templates on her blog that are totally free and you can get as creative as you want with the paper you use for them! She also uses envelopes for gas, date night, gifts, haircuts, and fun.

After you make your envelopes for each week, determine how much money you will spend that month, you need to  divide that amount into your envelopes according to how you have budgeted for it (whether just for groceries, or for everything).

If you are allowing $200 a month for groceries, then you need to put $50 in each of the four envelopes for groceries. Let’s say that you choose to use the cash method for gas and put $300 in an envelope for the month to use between you and your husband. It’s Friday, January 29th and your gas tank is on empty. You have used all of the money in the gas envelope and it’s two days until you put the next month’s money into the envelopes. What do you do? Well obviously have to put gas in your car. You can’t ride around on fumes hoping that you make it to where you need to be. So on the last day of the month when you reevaluate your budget, you will increase your gas budget for the next month because you went over for the last month.

Now as for myself, if and when I switch to the cash method, I think that any cash left over on the last day of the month I will put into my savings and see how much I have by the end of the year. Perhaps this could be my Christmas budget! You could always roll it into your next month’s budget as well and have a little fun with it! But that’s the fun part about it! You get to choose how you divide your money, what your envelopes look like, what happens to your money at the end of the month, and when you reevaluate your budget! And in the end you will be surprised at how well you stuck to your budget by not having that debit card so handy!


My First Post! January 4, 2010

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Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have it up and going. I am sure that I will be adding things and changing things over time, but for now I finally have it as I like it!

Up in the top right corner in the blue background you will find the About Me section, the Back to Basics, Contact info, and tips on Coupon Organization.

If you scroll down on the right side in the green background you can subscribe to the blog with your email address. This will allow you to get email updates everyday! Under that is a search box, so once I start posting all of the awesome deals, you can search in that box and find things much easier. The next section will have links to a few of my favorite coupon blogs as well as links to printable coupon sites. Blog stats shows how many people have visited the site overall. And last is the Archives section where you can go back to a certain month or all the way back to the beginning, etc. to perhaps find a particular post or just to read something over again.

Feel free to look around and I hope you enjoy it and all that’s to come!