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Meal Plan Monday! August 17, 2010

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Seeing the pattern here of me not ever posting this on Monday? Yeahhhh, I aim for Mondays but then Monday is here and I haven’t made a meal plan. Maybe I will come up with a new name for posting on Tuesdays like Tasty Time Tuesday or Tingling Tastes Tuesday haha!

Monday: Buitoni cheese tortellini ($.70) with mushrooms ($.50) and Buitoni alfredo sauce ($4.19), green beans (still eating free ones), and salad ($.62).



Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan ($1.79 for chicken, $.57 for mozzarella cheese, $.15 for sauce) with egg noodles (free) and salad ($.62).



Wednesday: Dinner with my parents.


Thursday: Grilled Pork Chops ($2), macaroni and cheese ($.10, using the last box!), pineapple ($.17).



Friday: Mussels ($1.11), boiled shrimp ($1.17 for 1/2 pound), corn (free), and baked potatoes ($.99 lb. so maybe $1.50).



Saturday: Chicken and cheese quesadillas ($1.79 for chicken, $1.15 for cheese, $.63 for tortillas), salsa ($.37), and sour cream ($.50).



Sunday: Sandwiches!


Total for the week: $19.63 (plus whatever the sandwiches cost)


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