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Two weeks? Really? May 2, 2010

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I apologize! It has been over two weeks since I last posted. I just have been so busy with showers and thank you cards and wedding things and putting new floors in my house! It has just been crazy! Only 41 days until THE BIG DAY! My house is a wreck, but I hope to get it straight today. I can’t stand this mess anymore! There are gifts covering my entire kitchen. I don’t know the last time I was able to cook. I haven’t seen the kitchen floor in over a week! But now it has been cleared out and I cannot wait to get in there and get it back to normal! We have had new carpet installed in all three bedrooms! And the fiance has been putting laminate wood floors in the living room and hallway.. Next up, the dining room! I will post pictures later once I make it look good again!


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