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Budget! April 4, 2010

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So I began using the cash system last month. I have budgeted $200 for all of my groceries each month. And in my groceries I include cleaning supplies, bathroom products, paper products, etc. Basically everything I need from the store for the month is included in this $200. I also include the sales tax in my budget, because if I didn’t sales tax would be an extra expense that I would have to pay on top of my budget. Each new week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.

For the month of March, I barely spent anything. I only kept up with the last week on my blog, which I spent $57.09 (including taxes and coupons). I got $139.18 worth of products (before taxes, sales, and coupons). I know a bought a few other things during the month, like laundry detergent and paper towels at Harris Teeter and everything else in the picture below. But I can’t find the receipts. I’ll just say I spent $85 at the most for the whole month. That means I had $115 left over to put into savings!

Today starts the first week for April. Hopefully I can stay under budget this month too!


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