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I am baaaaccckk! March 30, 2010

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I know! I know! It’s been way too long since I last posted! The truth is I haven’t even gone to a grocery store, drugstore, or anything in between for a month! Well maybe I ran in for a couple of things but not for full on couponing.

I started using the cash system at the beginning of March. I separated my money into all my envelopes. And of course I’m way under budget because for three out of the four weeks I didn’t spend any cash at all. In the last week I had put my gift cards I had recieved for rebates instead of cash. And I still have those gift cards sitting in their Week 4 envelope! I used maybe $10 off of them. So the cash system worked out great! I think that’s because if I see cash I’m almost afraid to spend it. I don’t mind using my debit card. But cash just screams out to me “Save me! Save me!” And I usually listen.

April will be much better! I’m determined to go to the store this week. Especially after I cleaned out my refrigerator Sunday. It’s belly is growling it’s so empty! I have to fill it back up!

I’m so glad to see so many of you couponing now! I was beginning to get jealous of all the great deals I was hearing about! But I am baaaaccckk! And I am so excited to start couponing again! It’s almost as if I’ve never done this before! It’s so thrilling!


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