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Real Deals for Real People! 80% Off + $15 FTD Floral Reward! February 9, 2010

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Through February 14, you can use code HEART at to get 80% off your purchase! That’s a $25 gift certificate for only $2! Plus you’ll recieve a $15 FTD Floral Reward by using the code to make your purchase!

If you have never used before, it has lots of great restaurants in what seems like every town but where I live. So if you live in a small town, definitely look to the bigger cities close by or think of when you will be taking trips out of town. These coupons do come with requirements so be sure to read them before you decide to purchase them. And the best part is they expire a year after purchase date!


One Response to “ 80% Off + $15 FTD Floral Reward!”

  1. Thanks for this site. We all love to save a dollar and your advice helps

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