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Shop Old Navy through Ebates for 20% Cash Back + 15% off coupon code! February 1, 2010

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Through February 4th, when you go through Ebates to shop at Old Navy, you will get 20% Cash Back! That is an amazing deal! And if you are not already a member of Ebates, you get a $5 sign up bonus! Just go on over here to sign up or login, search for Old Navy in the list of stores, and shop away!

There is also a 15% off and FREE shipping on $50 or more coupon code you can use at checkout! Just add $50 or more of items to your cart, then enter coupon code ONSAVEBIG. If your total was exactly $50 before the coupon code, your total will be $42.50 + tax, but then you will also get back 20% from Ebates, which is $8.50! So your total will be $34 + tax, or $29 + tax if you just signed up for Ebates! Awesome deal!


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