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Monday Meal Plan 1/18! January 19, 2010

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I am going to start posting my weekly meal plans! They are nowhere near perfect yet as I have just begun meal planning since the start of the new year, and they certainly won’t be like $5 Dinners! Meal Planning has helped me to take note of what I have in my pantry and to only go and buy the other necessary items (such as fresh produce that I may not have). And although it does involve planning ahead, it really saves a lot of time!


Unplanned dinner out!


Class tonight, so grabbing a quick dinner!


Homemade Spaghetti Sauce (or just my twist on Ragu) over rotini noodles

Ground Turkey $2.00

Green Peppers $.80

Mushrooms $.99

Mozzarella Bites (I got these a couple weeks ago at Harris Teeter for $4.49, but I’ll only use half the bag) $2.25

Salad $1.00

Total: $7.04 (I don’t remember what I paid for the Ragu and noodles I’ve had them stockpiled so long!)


Shrimp Quesadillas

Mission Tortillas $.08 (got them for $.40 for the whole pack at Harris Teeter a couple weeks ago, but there are 40 in a pack! Definitely not using that many)


Cheese $.64 (Kraft cheese I got last week at Harris Teeter)

Canned Corn FREE (part of my Christmas gift from two of my aunts! I did ask for it!)

Rice A Roni $.33

Total: $1.05 + the cost of the shrimp (not sure what I paid for those, but I got them during a Buy 2, Get 3 promotion)


Turkey Burgers

Ground Turkey $2.00

Green Pepper $.80

Mushrooms $.99

Baked Beans $1.50

Homemade Sweet Potato Fries FREE (still using those sweet potatoes Vickie gave me forever ago!)

Total: $5.29


Matthew’s Special!




One Response to “Monday Meal Plan 1/18!”

  1. Shannon Cockrell Says:

    What’s the turkey burger recipe?

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