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Are You a Real Texan? January 7, 2010

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Here’s a hometown deal that we can all appreciate! If you’re not a fan of Texas Steakhouse, well you should be. And not just because of the good honey mustard with the side of chicken fingers. They have good everything!

Head on over to their site and click on the ARE YOU A REAL TEXAN? in the bottom right corner. They have 3 levels of membership to join their Real Texan Club. With the Bronze Spurs you get $5 off $25 for signing up, a free dessert on your birthday, and specials through your e-mail. If you choose the Silver Spurs you get all of the Bronze Spurs benefits, call ahead seating, $5 off on your anniversary date, and a free entree with the purchase of 5 entrees. Now obviously the Bronze Spurs sounds good and so does the Silver Spurs, but if you read all the way down to the Gold Spurs, you’ll see that you get all of the stuff included with the Bronze Spurs and Silver Spurs membership and more! You will receive monthly coupons of $5 off $25 as well as top of the list no wait seating.

And the best part.. the membership is completely FREE! You also get a FREE t-shirt with all 3 levels of membership! I signed up back in November and received my membership card and FREE t-shirt in the mail before Christmas! There are t-shirts for men and women, so sign your husbands up too!


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