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Tulle Clothes on Sale for $2.99! January 5, 2010

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Tulle has tons of stuff on sale, and a lot of it is priced at just $2.99! I have never ordered from there myself until today. But on the other blogs I follow, I have seen it talked about quite a bit. The regular prices vary, but most seem compatible with Target if not higher quality stores. I wish I could tell you all from personal experience what I thought of the clothing. But go here and check out the sale for yourself! A lot of stuff has sold out already, but a lot is still available!


One Response to “Tulle Clothes on Sale for $2.99!”

  1. dealforreal Says:

    I ordered quite a few pieces of clothing, but sizes were all over the place. I ordered all the same size but they were nowhere near the same size. But I am keeping them for summer and am hoping to fit in the rest of them by then!

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