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FREE 3 Month Trial of Amazon Prime! January 4, 2010

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Go here and add the book Pride and Prejudice to your cart (you won’t actually have to buy it).

Go through the checkout process.

When you get to the final page (after entering your credit card information, but before processing your order), you should see under the shipping options, “FREE two-day shipping on this Order for Textbook Buyers: “Your name, get fast, free shipping for three months, starting with this order, by selecting “FREE Two-day Shipping with a Free Trial of Amazon Prime.”

Click the button and it should offer you a FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL!

So for three months you will be getting 2-day shipping with no minimum order!

Remember, you do not have to purchase the book Pride and Prejudice to get the 3 month trial, however you must enter all of your information.

Also, while you are already on Amazon, go into your account, click the “Manage Prime Membership” button, then click “Do Not Upgrade”, and then click the “Turn Off Auto-Upgrade” button.


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